Soil and Groundwater Sampling

Soil and Groundwater SamplingA Phase II ESA is designed to provide additional information about the environmental condition of a property. Typically, Phase II ESAs include the collection and analysis of samples of environmental media such as soil and groundwater. Sampling is targeted toward areas of the site that are most likely to have been impacted by releases of hazardous substances or petroleum products during past or current operations at the property, as identified during a Phase I ESA.

Soil and Groundwater Sampling Process with Geoprobe®

If subsurface soil sampling and/or groundwater sampling is required during a Phase II ESA, MAKSolve utilizes various drilling technologies. However, most projects can be executed using a Geoprobe® Soil Sampling System for collection of samples.

The Geoprobe® sampling system uses hydraulic pressure to advance a sampling tube to collect soil samples, and may also be used to collect groundwater samples. This system is rapid and much more cost-effective than a traditional drill rig.